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5S Workplace Organization Training Course in Egypt & Middle East


Course Overview

Get the 5S vision for your organization. A workplace that is clean, organized, orderly, safe, efficient and pleasant will provide a solid foundation for all other improvement activities. You'll experience fewer accidents, improved efficiency and quality and better workplace control, resulting in reduced waste and reduced costs. In this class you'll see lots of before-and-after examples, participate in a simulation and discuss how to sustain your efforts back at your organization.


Who Should Attend?

Accountants, engineers, office managers, purchasing agents, shipping agents, supervisors and support staff.


Course Objectives:

  • Describe differences in workplace appearance and functionality before and after the 5S process has been applied.

  • Evaluate the usefulness of a Workplace Scan to look at workplace organization and standardization.

  • Organize a workplace by applying the concepts of Sort, Set in Order and Shine.

  • Standardize procedures to maintain and control an organized workplace using visual controls.

  • Explain methods to apply the fifth concept, Sustain.

  • Describe how 5S can help to improve workplace environmental health and safety.



  • What is the 5S system?

  • Production round 1

  • Getting stared: Workplace scan

  • Sort Through and Sort Out

  • Set in order and Shine

  • Standardize

  • Production round 2

  • Sustain

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