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Crane Standards, Rigging and Signaling:


Course Overview

Gain an in-depth overview of both construction and general industry crane standards and how to apply them based on the tasks being conducted in each industry. In many cases, the construction standards have application in a general industry setting. The course will also provide participants with training and knowledge to become a qualified basic rigger and crane signal person. Participants will come away with the skills and qualifications to train their personnel.


Course Objectives:


  • Understand construction and general industry regulations and how each applies to your operations

  • Improve your understanding of how cranes work and how to better manage their operations

  • Help supervisors meet OSHA requirements for managing crane operations

  • Gain the knowledge necessary to train supervisors and employees as qualified basic riggers and signal persons



  • Requirements for operator certification/qualification

  • Equipment operation

  • Crane inspections

  • Construction and General Industry crane standards

  • Power line safety

  • Tower cranes

  • Crane Assembly/disassembly

  • Signaling requirements and training

  • Rigging requirements and best practices

  • How to develop a critical lift plan



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