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Creativity and Facilitation Training Course

Course Overview

Like in problem solving, all professionals have the ability to improve their creativity skills. Explore what creativity is and how using simple techniques and tools can improve your creativity skills. This class will demonstrate how project managers, as group facilitators, may effectively use these skills to improve problem solving with their teams.


Who Should Attend?

Project managers who must facilitate creativity and problem solving in teams.


Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the psychology of creativity.

  • Explore the basics of cognitive neuroscience and its impacts on creativity and problem solving.

  • Identify strategies for creative problem solving.

  • Determine effective methods for facilitating and fostering group creativity.

  • Identify and practice using tools to improve individual and group creativity.



  • Psychology and neuroscience of creativity

  • Tools and techniques for individual creativity

  • Tools and techniques for facilitating group creativity

  • Group creativity and facilitation case study

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