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I have tried downloading the 64 bit version from the File Hanger , but no joy. A: This is not the solution to your problem. I found where I can get it It’s in the download I downloaded and installed it from here. It contains another version of AutoCAD where you don’t need to install all the components. I downloaded it a while ago, and I never needed to install any components or any applications. A: The file is: "AutoCAD 2017 64-bit English" from the FileHanger website Q: How do I type in upper case with this mapping? I'm making my own movement system that maps keys to movement commands. A few keys are reserved and I'd like to make sure I have them mapped correctly. I want to be able to type 'e' for 'enter' and 'A' for'space' but I have no idea what these mappings are. Here is my current code. private void KeyboardMovementTasks_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { if (IsMovementTask()) { switch (e.KeyCode) { case Keys.A: case Keys.Space: OnSpacePressed(); break; case Keys.E: OnEnterPressed(); break; case Keys.D: OnDestroyPressed

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