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System Engineering Leadership, Decision Making and Problem Solving Training Course


Course Overview

Good systems engineering requires discipline in planning and organization. Learn to apply systems engineering concepts to your organization and how you manage and lead. Explore a wide range of systems engineering principles and development methodologies, techniques and tools that support decision-making.


Who Should Attend?

Engineers, scientists and managers who deal with systems engineering


Course Objectives:

  • Learn advanced methods for problem formulation and research definition.

  • Discover how to apply the advanced methods using a structured, logical approach to systems engineering management.



  • Introduction to systems engineering

  • Leadership and systems engineering

  • Organizing for systems engineering and teaming

  • Introduction to systems engineering tools and techniques

  • System life cycle

  • Project management for complex projects

  • Project planning and risk management

  • Managing complex software development

  • SE processes and baseline development

  • Berlin airlift intro

  • Requirements and system architecture

  • Berlin aircraft case study exercise

  • Berlin aircraft briefing

  • Applied systems thinking

  • SE case studies exercise

  • Wicked problem

  • Decision making

  • Problem solving methods overview

  • Problem definition and formulation

  • WP case study intro

  • Solution generation

  • Solution evaluation metrics

  • Solution evaluation techniques

  • Wicked problems case study

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