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Excellence Center Egypt , Lean Maintenance TPM, Autonomous Maintenance, Lean Enterprise

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Lean Maintenance  Management Training Course in Egypt


Maintenance shares significant operating costs in an organization. It is considered as a main pillar of the organizational performance. Lean thinking can be incorporated into maintenance activities through applying its principles and practices.

the goals are improving productivity and reducing cost by maximizing the effectiveness of all machines, facilities and processes employed through the reduction or prevention of breakdowns by collectively, revitalizing  machines, and by stopping unnecessary repairs. Lean Maintenance also increases  the effectiveness of all employees through joint decision making & shared responsibility through their meaningful involvement.

Part of the program shall tackle Autonomous Maintenance to identify & correct abnormalities, which can lead to downtime & tagging the abnormalities.



  • Lean Introduction

  • Maintenance vision and mission

  • Maintenance policies

  • breakdown deployment

  • ABC classification

  • Maintenance KPI's

  • Skill Matrix

  • Build up maintenance information System

  • Spare parts management system design and implementation

  • Maintenance daily meeting

  • define predictive maintenance technologies

  • assess the planned maintenance system cost and performance and reconsider the priorities

  • 5Why, 4M

  • work order cycle and kind of work orders

  • SAP introduction

  • Action plan


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