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Market Research in Consulting Services in Egypt & MENA region


The Excellence Center executes your market research, both primary and secondary. Our research methods create solid foundations for go-to-market decisions and increase your probability of success.

  • We perform both quantitative and qualitative research

  • We execute primary research and aggregate secondary research

  • We host our own, private online survey suite

Primary market research

Quantitative market research

Primary market research gathers data directly from people who influence buying decisions. Through structured approaches, quantitative and qualitative data are acquired and assembled into meaningful business actions.

The Excellence Center conducts a broad range of market research. We host our own online survey infrastructure and conduct mailed surveys when necessary. Surveys gather highly accurate knowledge about the strength of demand for any aspect of a market or whole product feature set.

The Excellence Center also conducts competitor analysis. When paired with quantitative analysis, the combined market intelligence research defines your product positioning opportunity map. Positioning and road maps are essential to maneuvering past competitors and gaining market share without wasteful promotional expenditures.

Qualitative market research

Numbers only tell part of your customers’ story. Survey statistics identify which opportunities are better than others. Understanding opportunities requires understanding nuances about buyer motivations.

The Excellence Center conducts qualitative research to discover your market’s expected outcomes – what customers actually want as opposed to what they perceive is possible. Once you know what customers hope to achieve, designing and promoting products becomes less risky and customer demand increases significantly.

One approach are deep interviews. Deep interviews are one-on-one dialogues with key buyers or influencers. Through guided processes, The Excellence Center interviewers discover buyer functional and emotional motivations and expected outcomes. Once the full spectrum of needs is understood, product and marketing strategies can be defined and executed.

Focus groups are similar to deep interviews except group dynamics are used to understand which motivations are subject to group reinforcement and how that relates to product discovery, referencing and adoption

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