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Mystery Shopping Consulting Services in Egypt & Middle East



We offer a variety of services and solutions for your guest satisfaction measurement needs, including: On-site Mystery Shops, Telephone Mystery Shops, Web-Mystery Shopping, Price Audits, Compliance Audits, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Qualitative Research, Digital Comment Cards, IVR, and Consulting Services.


We serve a variety of industries including, wireless, restaurants, hotels, travel, apartments, time shares, banks & financial, convenience stores, car wash, manufacturing, home furnishings and flooring, health centers, pet services, theme parks, software, parking facilities, manufacturing and general retail.


If you are considering the option of initiating a mystery shopper program, we are always willing to offer a free consultation to discuss your service needs and help you determine if a mystery shopper program is right for your company based on your goals and budget for providing service excellence within your organization.


When it comes to customer service, there are several challenges business's face today.


  • First, is gaining an understanding of what service expectations their customers have

  • Second is discovering what level of service your employees are currently providing

  • Third is addressing those expectations once discovered.

  • Fourth is implementing the proper employee training to consistently meet those expectations.


It is by discovering “What” your customer's expectations are, and training your staff to meet those expectations, that you can begin to grow your business.


It has been our experience that many companies face the same issues and concerns when it comes to offering excellent customer service regardless of the industry they serve.


Because most service and retail type businesses must rely on employees to serve their customers, it is vital to stay attuned to how they are being served.


If your employees are left to their own and are not receiving continuous coaching, training and support from either yourself or your management, they will more than likely service your customers based on their own perceptions rather than how your customers would actually like to be served.


The key to providing “Outstanding Customer Service” is discovering who your typical customers are, how they would like to be served and what you can do to “Exceed” their expectations.


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