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Product Development Consulting Services in Egypt& Middle East


Development organizations must maintain the ideal balance of product development investments, optimize the use of R&D resources, and manage project execution to deliver the right products to market at the right time for the right cost.


The Excellence Center can help you be more profitable by identifying, developing and filling market niches with new products faster than the competition while reducing costs through more efficient use of research and development resources. Comprising industry proven Portfolio and Project Management software and best practices together with a low-risk phased implementation approach, The Excellence Center can help you achieve rapid ROI.

Portfolio and Project Management for New Product Development Benefits


The Excellence Center can help product-based companies to rapidly achieve the following benefits:


  • Align and prioritize all products based on business strategy to maximize your return on R&D investment.

  • Maintain an optimum product pipeline by continuously analyzing, simulating and restructuring the product portfolio.

  • Improve visibility into the entire product life-cycle for more informed, real-time decisions.

  • Reduce product cycle time and time to market by optimizing cross functional integration on projects.

  • Ensure environmental, safety and regulatory compliance through standard methods and processes.


Organizations involved in developing new products face unique challenges and The Excellence Center has the capability, experience and track record to help you achieve success. Call The Excellence Center today to learn more about our Portfolio Management services


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