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Total Productive Maintenance & Autonomous Maintenance Consulting Services in Egypt & Middle East


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) draws in the entire workforce and has a powerful impact on the complete output of the plant. Yet there is much to know in order to design effective TPM activities for different types of equipment. And one of the toughest lessons is how to keep TPM going after the initial roll-out. Key to these is a complete understanding of what to do, why to do it and what’s in it for the worker.

TPM will make your plant more flexible, more effective and will improve productivity and morale. Now even the most modest line worker may be expected to solve problems, go outside his/her comfort zone, do maintenance tasks, and work to eliminate waste. Every manager has to use the capabilities of all their people to improve reliability and quality, and improve safety. TPM provides the structure for this transformation.

Long Term cross-functional projects and take a vertical focus on the production line machines & equipment to eliminate breakdowns & waiting time.




Free One Day Consulting Visit

Free One Day Consulting Visit

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