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Operational Excellence and Process Improvement Project Mentoring & Coaching Consulting Services in Egypt & MENA Region


EC consultants are experts in performance improvement and process management. Improving business performance may be achieved by many different approaches. Each approach offers a slightly different perspective on how to improve performance. EC consultants will help your organization select one or more of the following improvement approaches that specifically suits your organization and contributes to the achievement of organizational goals.



Short term projects that address the physical processes that lend themselves to the use of visual analytical tools.


Focus on cross functional projects and take a horizontal focus on the process to eliminate waste.


Six Sigma

Take a vertical approach to process analysis and go deep inside the process where the root cause of the problem is. Six Sigma projects are more analytical than Lean projects.


The basic intent of most of all of the above initiatives is to do work:




Create more meaning in our work.

Do not harm environment.

While some projects are definitely most appropriate for a specific approach, many lend themselves to a blend of the tools, e.g. Lean and Six Sigma.

It is common that organizations willing to improve their business performance adopt more than one improvement approach. EC consultants will assess your organization’s needs and goals, and develop a plan of action for the improvement efforts that your organization can take to achieve better results.

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