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Kaizen Consulting Services in Egypt & Middle East


A continuous improvement strategy of Kaizen in an organizational setting involves employees at all levels proactively working together to achieve structured, gradual improvements to the manufacturing process. It essentially combines everyone's talents within an organization to create a powerful team that continues to build upon itself.

Kaizen refers to both the action plan and a philosophy. The action plan portion of Kaizen revolves around organizing events that are focused on improving specific parts of the company to involve employees at all levels, from the president of the company to the plant floor employees.

Kaizen also refers to the philosophy of building a company culture where all employees are involved in coming up with ideas and making suggestions to improve the company. It is ultimately a method of thinking for managers and assembly line workers alike.

The Japanese culture respects and embraces the idea of continuous improvement. When a company applies the philosophy of kaizen to its organization, it creates a daily action plan to study the systems that are being used and how they can be improved. These companies focus on learning from their mistakes and eliminating activities or procedures that waste time or are inefficient.


The Excellence Center achieved million of saving for its clients by implementing Kaizen strategy within a very difficult business environment. we have our own exclusive approach in Kaizen implementation that shall grantee projects results.


Free One Day Consulting Visit

Free One Day Consulting Visit

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