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Cost Reduction through implementing Quality Costs Training Program


A Successful leader companies , only when controlling non-value added activities and remove hidden costs that skin inside daily activities unnoticed because no one toughed people how to see the hidden costs.

It is become very essential to companies to adopt quality costs techniques to ride of excessive unrequired costs.


Along with our training program, we provide a complete automated guide to discover & remove quality costs.

With the trainees help,


We often achieve more than double training fees as a cost saving to calculate Return on Training Investment-ROTI.


Special lateral of this program also provided to middle & top management levels to support cost saving activities.

Join the world of excellence techniques..... Only for our elite clients




  • Videos & Games

  • Cost of Poor Quality

  • Quality Vs Quality Department

  • Cost of non-quality

  • Cost of activities streamline

  • Actions of cost reduction

  • Quality Costs best practices

  • Implementation action plan

  • Financials of Quality

  • Reporting of quality Costs

  • Learning to see

  • Value chain analysis

  • Opportunity search

  • Idea generation for innovation

  • Case Study & implementations



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