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Head of The Excellence Center Welcome,


A better life, all human being share only one vision, it is attainment for a “better life”...

At Excellence Center, we believe that we can help every professional to have a better life not only through his career achievements.

By conveying business & process excellence to workforce, can change their inherent meaning of living to a better life.

We assure at The Excellence Center that we are all deliver a message of excellence for better world.


Excellence Center is a dedicated to convey business & operational excellence techniques & tools to Egypt, North Africa and Middle East professionals.

The Excellence Center offer Professional Training & Consulting Services.

We Provide:

Lean manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma White|yellow|Green|Black Belts certifications, Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, Kaizen, TPM, Reliability, MBA, Supply Chain Management and Quality Management Certifications.


We operates at Egypt-Cairo, Emirates-Dubai, Bahrain-Manama, Saudi Arabia- Jeddah, Al Khobar, Turkey-Ankara, Mauritania-Nouakchott, Sudan-khartoum and Oman-Muscat.


The Excellence Center is delivering brilliant services & creative training programs where you will notice the difference.


Together we will build up a new horizons of living standards.


Excellence Center Managing Director

Our Philosophy



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