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Upgrade your career


We Believe that capable organizations driven by capable people.

We also believe that team work output is much higher than individual efforts. Talented people is what we are search for to accompany during our journey of excellence.

We are searching for people who are a talented, energetic, experts who are enjoying what they do.


A common themes for our people are as following competencies:

Problem Solving

Self Confidence

Personal Relationships

Monitoring Others

Self Esteem

Proactive Thinking

Long Range Planning

Team Player

Persuading Others

Project Scheduling & Goal Focus

Internal Self Control

Job Ethics

Open Vacancies

10 SEP

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

18 SEP

Supply Chain Consultant

20 SEP

HR & Business Consultant

Submitting Resume


Your first step to join our team is to submit your resume.
A professional sector’s consultant with company advisor board shall review your qualifications and work experiences, if you are matches our job requirements you will be able to proceed to the next step.
We will respond to any applicant within 1 week with his resume status.



All accepted candidates are being interviewed by the sector consultant & some of the board members. Candidates are interviewed based on a specific measurable criteria. Each member of the committee is evaluating the candidates’ competencies points. The candidates are ranked upon their scores and the first three candidates will be ready for the next step. The rest of candidates’ resumes will be saved in our database for a further need.

Start your Career

We are recruiting
Presentation & Field testing


Each accepted candidates from the previous step will be asked to present a 45 min presentation to a different employees from The Excellence Center to assess his presentation skills. The most presentable candidate will be hired & will join our successful team.

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