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Mintab Training Course in Egypt


This is an introduction to Minitab, a simple statistical software package used alongside Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management and Six Sigma. On this course you will get some practical experience using Minitab to work out complex calculations associated with improvement methodologies. You will input your own real data into the software and, with the guidance of your coach, learn how to get the most out of Minitab. Minitab is meant to assist those training for Lean Six Sigma/Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black Belts. Managers working with Quality Management and  Six Sigma projects could also benefit.


Training Contents:


  • Introduction to basic statistics

    • Types of Data

    • Mean, Median, Mode

    • Variance, Standard deviation, Range

    • Sample Size Calculation

  • Introduction to Minitab

    • Data Manipulation

  • Minitab & Graphical analysis

  • Control Charts

    • Control Charts for variable data

    • I MR Chart

    • X Bar R Chart

    • Process Capability

    • Long term and short term capability analysis

    • Capability indices, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk

  • Control Charts for Attribute data

    • P.NP Charts

    • C.U Charts

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Test Of hypothesis


  • Regression

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