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Using Minitab for Statistical Process Control Training:


Course Overview

This course offers applications of the SPC techniques that are an integral part of the corporate-wide Process control effort using Minitab Software. Participants are introduced to the concept of variation and how it can be used as a powerful tool in process control activities. 

The course also provides practical learning of measuring systems for accuracy, reproducibility, repeatability, and when SPC is appropriate. Types of control charts include Xbar-R, X-moving R, P, C, nP, and U charts.  The Shewhart analysis is presented via examples and understanding of the statistical significance of each out-of-control condition. 

Participants will work in teams in hands-on practical exercises that demonstrate the relationship between Cp, and Cpk values.

Also Regression & test of hypotheses

This course presents a deep dive into statistical tools used in implementing Six Sigma in the real world. Participants will focus on the issues of metrics and their importance in DMAIC projects. Participants will identify the different types of data and how data is used to solve problems.


Who Should Attend?

Process Management teams, Quality Control, Quality Mangers, process Supervisors


Course Objectives:

  • Gain understanding of how to use statistical tools in Statistical Process Control - SPC & Six Sigma .

  • Select the appropriate tool and interpret results.



  • Basic Statistics

  • Data Manipulation

  • Quality Tools

  • Data Analysis

  • Control Chart

  • Sampling

  • Statistical Interference

  • Process Capability

  • Measurement systems

  • Test of hypotheses

  • Summary and Wrap-up



  • Laptop with Windows (Macs are not preferred)

  • Minitab software


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