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Applied Systems Thinking Training Course

Course Overview

We are in a world where complexity and pace of change continue to increase. For decision makers in both business and engineering, there is growing need for holistic viewpoints and systems thinking in decision making and leading change. Effective development of enterprises, organizations and large engineered systems requires problem solving methods that emphasize relationships, interactions, causality and strategy. This course will introduce concepts and tools of applied systems thinking to introduce business and technical leaders to improved thinking, problem solving and decision making methods. Exercises and case studies are emphasized to form the basis of experiential learning.


Who Should Attend?

Engineers, scientists and managers who wish to learn theoretical bases and practical applications of systems thinking for problem solving and decision making.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand concepts of systems thinking for organizational, business, and technical leadership.

  • Understand systems thinking tools and how to apply them.

  • Learn to think more holistically about problems and solutions.

  • Learn to categorize simple versus complex systems.

  • Understand and assess cause and effect relationships.

  • Learn to assess and plan long term strategies for systemic change.

  • Initial experiential learning opportunity for applying systems thinking disciplines.



  • Systems thinking theory

  • Tools for systems thinking

  • Planning methodologies

  • Systems dynamics

  • Root cause analysis

  • OODA loop

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