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Building High-Trust Relationships & Optimal Team Performance Training Course


Course Overview

This two-day workshop is intended as a forum that will help establish team relationships and improved team performance. The format will include both traditional classroom discussions and an outdoor experiential non-traditional team-building event. This course is designed as collaboration between The Excellence Center and the Campus Recreation Center’s highly rated The Excellence Center Challenge Course.


This participative workshop consists of an inter-related series of presentations and activities that will introduce a set of guidelines commonly used in establishing better communications within a multi-locational organization.

There is normally a substantial pool of technical expertise on any team and as a result, this full-day workshop will steer away the technical aspects and instead focus on “soft skills” that are representative of team building, collaboration and effective communication.


Special attention will be given to the communication piece with additional focus on teams that are in-house versus teams dispersed geographically.


Course Objectives:

  • Apply project management processes and techniques to a real-life project.

  • Identify the critical phases of managing a successful project.

  • Exercise sound techniques for planning, estimating, tracking and controlling projects.

  • Develop a project charter and use it as a key political tool.

  • Develop clear project definitions and establish a change-control process.

  • Identify constraints and methods for dealing with them.

  • Develop a work breakdown structure and build a project schedule.

  • Estimate project costs by identifying and quantifying cost drivers.

  • Identify and analyze risks and develop mitigation plans.

  • Implement risk strategies in meeting the challenges of vendor management.

  • Employ scheduling techniques to minimize schedule variance.



  • Part 1 - Focus on techniques for building trust quickly with new or existing teams as well as principles of high performing teams.

  • Part 2 - 2.5 hour session at the highly-ranked The Excellence Center Challenge Course.

  • Part 3 - Focus on ways to manage team conflict effectively and maintain team high performance over time.



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