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Human Performance: Understanding Human Error Training Course in Egypt


Course Overview

Understanding human performance is critical for effective safety management and incident investigation. Human error is often identified as the cause of many accidents. However, it is the beginning point rather than the end point in truly understanding both accident causation and safety performance. This course is designed for managers, human resources and safety professionals in all industries seeking a better understanding of the role of human error in safety.


Course Objectives:

The misunderstanding of human performance in both accident prevention and accident investigation often results in misallocation of resources. By gaining a deeper understanding of the differences between system error and human error, organizations are in a better position for developing effective strategies for reduction of occupational injury and illness. Participants will be better prepared to direct resources more effectively and gain better results in safety performance.



  • Learn the five critical principles of human performance

  • Define precursors of human error

  • Discuss organizational influences on human behavior

  • Understand the role of human error in incident investigations

  • Discuss and learn to avoid investigative biases

  • Learn to identify and differentiate between latent conditions vs. active triggers

  • Apply effective investigative questioning techniques

  • Understand the impact of organizational culture on human performance

  • Identify how leadership influences human performance

  • Learn and utilize effective performance coaching techniques

  • Understand the value and characteristics of learning organizations


Who Should Attend?

Safety managers, operational managers and human resource managers in all industries seeking a better understanding of the role of human error in safety


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