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Leadership Training Course in Egypt


Course Description

This course teaches students the fundamentals of leadership. The topics covered are divided into several modules, starting from introductory topics and moving on to add more leadership related skills as the course goes.



The course is based on presentation, group discussions, workshops, and real world examples. Through these activities, the participants will learn and practice how to better manage their work time.


Course Outline:

Context and challenges in leadership

  • Relationship between leadership and management theories

  • Leadership theories overview

  • Types of Leadership Styles

  • Factors Affecting Leadership Styles

  • Self-assessment tools and approaches


  • Maslov’s hierarchy of needs

  • Herzberg and motivation

  • The expectancy theory

  • Principles of motivation

  • Self actualization in the team

Leading people

  • Personality types

  • Team roles

  • Understanding and leading individuals

  • Leadership functions

  • Coaching, mentoring and facilitating

  • Creating and leading teams

Direction and strategy

  • Strategic focus and direction

  • Shaping values and cultures

  • Change leadership

Developing leaders

  • Models and theories of leadership development

  • Leadership development for yourself

  • Leadership development for others

Influential leadership

  • Motivation theories

  • Influence and persuasion

  • Working with politics and power

  • Leadership beyond the information services context


Duration: 3 days

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