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Lean Black Belt Certificate Training Course in Egypt


The Lean Black Belt course is aimed at people who are or aspire to be Lean Leaders or Lean Champions. These would typically be people with a great deal of control, who already have experience of Lean and who are working in environments where they are expected to make a difference. The course provides a full and detailed background to Lean principles and practices, and requires a high level of results from participants.

Our Lean Black Belt course is not available as a public course. It is designed to be delivered over a 6 month period for people within the same organization.



Module 1 – Value

1.     Introduction.

2.     Value to Customer

3.     Lean and six sigma

4.     Lean Thinking

5.     Manufacturing system

6.     Push system (Video Mass Production)

7.     TOYOTA Production system

8.     Value & 8 forms of waste

9.     What is kaizen?

10.  Kaizen and TPS

11.  Kaizen Belts (Video)

12.  Simulation 1

13.  Lean Enterprise and lean in design

14.  Lean in Supply chain

15.  Lean Benefits

16.  Lean  metrics

17.  Nissan JIT SYSTEM - Pull System

18.  Lean Deployment

19. Enterprise wide Value Stream Assessment

20.  Change Management

21.  Leader ship Style

22.  Team Building

23.  Team leader rolls

24.  Lean Project Charter 

Module 2 – Value stream

1.     Manufacturing Methods

2.     Value of cycle time and PCE

3.     Lead time and throughput time

4.     TAKT Time

5.     6- Big Losses

6.     over all Equipment Effectiveness

7.     Standard time calculation

8.     TOC

9.     Queuing System

10.  Learn to see-

11.  SIPOC

12.  High level process mapping

13.  Swin lane process mapping

14.  Construction and analyzing processes

15.  CVSM- Current value stream map  in manufacturing

16.  CVSM  In service

Module 3 – Flow

1.     6S

2.     Video –Kaizen 6S

3.     Visualization

4.     Ergonomics

5.     Standard operating process

6.     Cell Design

7.     Plant re-layout

8.     Video -Kaizen VISUALIZATION

9.     Production maintenance

10.  TPM- Total productive maintenance

11.  OEE

12.  Video -Kaizen TPM

13.  SMED


15.  Review Project Charter CVSM

Module 4 – Pull

  • Production leveling

  • Mixed model

  • Pull system- Kanban Material Management

  • Kanban Types

  • kanban Pull- Video

  • FVSM- Current value stream mapin manufacturing

Module 5- Perfection

1.     Sustaining lean   improvement

2.     One Year Lean Assessment

3.     MBF

4.     Review Project Charter Pull +perfection


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