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The Lean Enterprise Training Course



Organizations world-wide are recognizing the benefits of empowering their individual staff members in the successful application of Lean Thinking across their core business processes. A Lean enterprise will work along the following principles:

  • Define VALUE: what the customer is willing to pay for

  •   : the sequence of processes to deliver value to the customer. (The completevalue streamflows through the complete supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods).

  • Streamline FLOW: movement between value adding processes without delay or interruption.

  • activating a process when the customer wants to receive, not when the supplier wants to provide.

  • Work Perfection: Identifying ways to perfect what the organization does


Who should attend:

Almost everyone can benefit from attending Lean training, particularly individuals working in the following areas:


  • Production / Manufacturing

  • Production /operations planning

  • Customer service

  • Procurement

  • Distribution

  • Administration

  • Projects report follow-up


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