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Lean Management and Tools for Manufacturing Office, Healthcare and Government/Education Sectors Training Course


Course Overview

Lean is a way to tighten the way you do business and gain results you can see in your bottom line. Lean first started in manufacturing companies. But now with uncertainty in the economy, Lean has become useful in the healthcare field, educational organizations, government organizations and administrative offices. This online course lets you choose the sector you want to explore. In the Management module, you'll learn about the lean philosophy and how it changes your company for the better. In the Tools module, you'll define each tool, determine what it can do, see what it looks like and recognize when it can be used. This course can also be used as a general refresher, a prerequisite for advanced lean training and an in-house library selection.


Who Should Attend?

People from medical, education/government, manufacturing and office sectors who want to learn more about how lean applies to their situation.


Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to begin your lean efforts.

  • Find waste within your company.

  • Become familiar with lean techniques in your particular sector.



  • Define lean and describe its philosophy

  • Recognize value-added vs. non-value added and the types of waste

  • Define the lean tools and techniques commonly used to eliminate waste at work

  • Identify steps to get started in Lean, including VSM (Value Stream Mapping) and RPI (Rapid Process Improvement)

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