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Lean Project Management Tools for Product Development Training Course


Course Overview

An introductory class to the principles of lean product development (LPD). Lean product development takes the principles of lean manufacturing and applies them upstream to the product development process to streamline the development flow from concept through to project management and manufacturing readiness of a product. Multiple LPD tool applications are discussed.


Who Should Attend?

Project managers who must be able to complete projects on time and on budget without sacrificing project quality, professionals preparing to transition into a new career in project management, professionals without formal training, charged with managing large, complex projects, seasoned project managers interested in refreshing their skills while earning PMI-Approved PDUs


Course Objectives:

  • Reduce your time to market through lean product development tools and principles.

  • Streamline your Product Development Process and make it more productive.

  • Understand what waste is during the Product Development process and how to eliminate it.

  • Develop better communication among your departments through integrated product development team efforts.

  • Prioritize your projects for maximum throughput.

  • Understand how design for manufacturability can slash your production costs.

  • Reduce your development review meeting load and make them shorter and more effective.



  • Introduction to Lean LPD, waste elimination, examples of continuous process flow

  • Top waste sources in product development

  • Explanation of value-added work vs. waste and enabling work

  • Value Stream Mapping basics as applied to product development (calendar time, work time, value-added time)

  • Explanation of Toyota production preparation process: How product development involves manufacturing in a parallel process

  • The importance of integrated project teams (IPD) and how to set up

  • Project planning: How to schedule and perform value-added work

  • Exception management, visual project boards, stand-up meetings


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