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Lean Warehousing Training Course

Course Overview

This course will demonstrate how warehouse operations are a key enabler to a successful supply chain implementation and the starting point for a transformation. It is critical to manage safety, quality and efficiency. Learn to leverage the lean supply chain modifications to improve customer responsiveness and reduce operating costs and in doing so contributing to a supply chain that creates a competitive advantage for a company. To accomplish this goal, we must bring lean principles into the warehouse and distribution center.


Who Should Attend?

Supply chain professionals, logistics professionals, material managers, production control managers, transportation managers, warehousing managers and purchasing managers.


Course Objectives:

  • Reduce inventories in the warehouse.

  • Reduce warehousing costs by as much as 25 percent.

  • Implement lean in the warehouse.

  • Create logistics collaboration between warehousing and other functional areas.



  • Lean warehouse overview

  • Supply chain implementation framework

  • Lean storage planning approach

  • Application of a lean storage location sizing method

  • JIT implementation approach

  • How to develop standard work batches

  • Generation of an operational diagram

  • Creation of a daily operational work load plan

  • Development of a progress control board

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