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Live Simulation of Lean Manufacturing Training Course in Egypt


Course Overview

As the world grows smaller, competition increases. Gain a competitive edge by transforming your business into a lean enterprise. Eliminate overproduction from traditional scheduling systems and produce on customer demand. Utilize Value Stream Mapping as a tool to guide implementation efforts.

Who Should Attend?

Those with an interest in learning lean thinking, particularly related to manufacturing


Course Objectives:

  • Experience the impact of lean practices on a production process.

  • Use lean techniques to eliminate waste.

  • Use Value Stream Mapping to see the waste in your system and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Understand how to increase throughput, reduce waste, increase profitability and reduce lead times to make your firm more competitive.



  • Identifying and reducing waste

  • Recognizing value-added vs. non-value-added

  • Using basic lean techniques (5S, layout/flow, point-of-use storage, set-up time reduction, batch size reduction)

  • Using advanced lean techniques (visual controls, quality at the source, standardized work, workforce/management practices, pull systems, total productive maintenance)

  • Using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to make decisions

  • How do all the lean tools fit together into the "House of Lean"



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