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Payment Terms and Refund Policy

Payment Terms:

  • Payment Due Date: Invoices are due for payment in advance, maximum within 30 days of receipt.

  • Late Payments: A late fee of 10% per month will be applied to any outstanding balance after the due date.

  • Currency Devaluation: If a significant devaluation of the payment currency occurs after the invoice has been issued and before payment is received, we reserve the right to adjust the outstanding balance to reflect the exchange rate difference. This adjustment will be calculated based on the exchange rate on the original invoice date and the exchange rate on the actual payment date.


Refund Policy:

  • Full refunds will be issued if a written request is received before 20 days from the program start date, minus a 5% non-refundable processing fee.

  • No refunds will be issued after the program start date.

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