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Production Planning Training Course in Egypt


This course covers principles and techniques of effective Production Planning and Control. Combining lectures with a computer-based simulation allows delegates to put theory into practice. This unique “learning by doing” approach has proved highly effective in ensuring that knowledge is retained, understood and rapidly applied.

The course also addresses key behavioural and interpersonal issues that can make or break the effectiveness of production planning and control.




Production Planning & Control

  • Objective Production Planning & Control

  • Function Production Planning & Control

    • Follow up

Master Production Schedule

  • Creating MPS

    • Preliminary MPS

    • Rough estimate of abilities (RCCP) - Rough-cut Capability Planning

    • Bridging differences

    • Eventual MPS

  • Main table of MS

  • Projected Available Balance (PAB)

  • Overriding planning approaches

  • ATP - Available To Promise

Bill of Material

  • Definition of a bill of materials

  • How a bill of materials is used

  • Types of bill of materials

  • Bill of materials information

  • Benefits of a bill of materials

Capacity and Aggregate Planning

Inventory Management

Economic Order Quantity


Course Duration: 3 Days




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