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Quality Planning & Product development Training Course in Egypt


Every organization is doing some advanced quality and/or planning activities. Many times they are not recognized as such. Yet virtually every program or activity has some planning associated with it; although, in some smaller, simpler, or less disciplined organizations, the planning may be done informally. For example, even small organizations ultimately make decisions based on an overall business plan. That plan may not be written down, but it may be a plan that the owner of the organization is informally working toward when he or she makes decisions.


It is not a complex, added activity. Advanced quality planning should not be a complex, in-depth department or activity that is added to an organization. Rather, it should involve an awareness that employees have developed their roles in the planning process and understand how those roles fit into the  overall plan. Advanced quality planning, if implemented correctly, can be the driving force behind practices that are good for businesses. With proper implementation and the proper management philosophy, advanced quality planning should be such an integral part of the activities that it may not be recognized specifically as a standalone activity in the organization.



1.  Introduction

  •  The Importance of Quality

  •  How Customers Define the Quality of our Products

  •  When to Plan

  •  Quality Planning Roadmap

2.   Quality Planning Steps

  • Establish project

  • Identify customers

  • Define customer needs

  • Develop product

  • Develop process

  • Establish process controls

3.    Application Project

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