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Root Cause Analysis Taining Course


Course Overview

Get to the root of your recurring problems and identify optimum solutions. This course gets you involved in using techniques to define the problem, determine the situation, analyze data, select the best solution, evaluate improvement and follow-up results.


Who Should Attend?

Quality managers, vice presidents, industrial engineers, operations managers, plant managers, plant engineers, manufacturing and company auditors


Course Objectives:

  • Use the team approach to identify the right problem and solution.

  • Distinguish root cause from symptom.

  • Use the six problem solving steps.

  • Apply to ISO 9001 requirements for preventive and corrective action.



  • Fewer recurring problems

  • More continual improvement

  • Fewer production delays

  • Decisions based on facts, not opinions

  • Support for corrective and preventive action

  • Flowcharting

  • Brainstorming

  • Cause and effect diagrams

  • Checksheets

  • Nominal group techniques

  • Pareto analysis


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