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Safe Bolting Principles and Practices Training Course in Egypt

Course Overview

This course provide awareness of safety issues involved in bolting applications, so that the participant, upon completing the course, will possess the knowledge and skills to recognize when a bolting application presents dangers. The participant can then stop and inform a supervisor. Familiarity with the safe operation and handling of high-powered bolting tools is essential to personal and workplace safety. Topics include pressure vessels and piping, machinery or mechanical joints and structural connections. The course is a facilitated, interactive training session focusing on class discussion, group participation and practical activities. It is a one-day course, consisting of seven hours of instruction.


Who Should Attend?

Those who must be aware of safety issues involved in bolting applications


Course Objectives:


  • Recognize the basic technology of bolted joints and the safety principles associated with tool selection and operation, workplace conditions and bolting methods and procedures.

  • Understand that all industrial bolting activities fall into one of three general categories.

  • Learn about pressure vessels and piping, machinery or three types of bolting.



  • Principles of bolting

  • Flanges

  • Structural joints

  • Standard fasteners

  • Structural fasteners

  • Gaskets

  • Tightening with torque

  • Tensioning

  • Bolting patterns

  • Keeping bolts tight

  • Tightening structural bolts

  • Safety


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