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Strategic Management Training Course in Egypt


Course Overview:

This course is concerned with enabling the audiences to grasp the fundamental frame work essential to the of Strategic Management processes. Namely, the processes of Strategic Planning, Strategic Control, and Strategic Risk Management that receives a great attention in the 2010s. The course predominantly addresses the two main issues which, usually, have been neglected or less emphasized by most of the Strategic Management training courses, those are:

  • Building the set of skills needed for contriving strategies and evaluating their suitability.

  • Using an Industry-Relevant real life applications of Strategic Management world.

This course differentiates itself through developing a center point for a professional Strategic Decision Making task force through a step by step approach integrated with a treatment of one of the most crucial problems that encounter business now days which are Risk and Uncertainty


Course Contents:

Strategic Management (SM) Concept, Context, and Composition

  • The Motivation, Essence, and Rationale of Strategic Management.

  • The three contexts of Strategic Management.

  • The composing factors of Strategic Management.

  • The Strategic Decisions Framework.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning Models.

  • Formulation of Strategic Vision, Mission, and Business Modelling.

  • Starting up Environmental Scan and Building up Strategic Goals.

  • Operating SWOT Analysis and Contriving Strategic Objectives.

  • Putting a Strategic Plan into Action.

Strategic Control

  • Planning References, Operating Practices, and Control Systems & Standards.

  • Benchmarking, Metrics Building, and Practices.

  • Key Performance Indicators.

  • Continual Improvement through Control.

  • Dash Boards and Balance Score Cards.

Strategic Risk Management

  • The Concept of Risk and Uncertainty.

  • The Frame work of Strategic Risk Management.

  • Strategic Risk Identification and Assessment Matrix.

  • Enterprise wide Risk Management Systems (EWRMS).


Course Duration: 4 days


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