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Diploma in Total Quality Management and Quality Management Systems (Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9000, ISO 14000)

The Diploma in Total Quality Management is intended for both Manufacturing and Service Industries. It offers participants a unique opportunity to enhance their skills in the area of Total Quality Management and introduces them to the modern tools and techniques necessary for establishing quality systems that satisfies the requirements of international standards.



The Diploma in Total Quality Management is a one-year, inter-disciplinary program with streams of modules in various aspects of quality management. The most important parts of the study program are the implementation projects, which run throughout the semesters. Projects should be industry or service-based requiring students to spend one day per week working with their organizations on a quality related initiative.


  • Program Objectives:

  • To prepare participants to:

    • Become successful quality mangers in their organizations.

    • Lead the quality activities at their organization through acquiring up-to-date knowledge and skills.

    • Be an active member in quality planning and quality improvement project teams in their organization. The program provides hands-on training on how to use quality tools to implement such projects.

    • Set for the qualifying exam of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and obtain its certificate “Certified Quality Manager CQM/OE”. For more information, Please visit the website

  • Target Group:


This program is ideal for engineers, pharmacists and administrators who intend to lead quality activities at their organizations.


  • Admission Requirements & Prerequisites

  • Bachelor degree in a relevant field from a reputable university.

  • Good proficiency of the English language.


  • Curriculum



Courses (3 cr hrs each)

Course 1 : The Basic Six Sigma Breakthrough Improvement

Course 2 : Statistical Quality Control.

Course 3 : Planning for Top Quality

Course 4 : Standards for Quality and Environmental Management Systems & “Malcolm Baldrige” Award

Course 5 : Managing the Quality Functions

Course 6 : Project Management



  • Course Descriptions


Course 1: The Basic Six Sigma Breakthrough Improvement Process.

  • Define phase

  • Measure phase

  • Analyze phase

  • Improve phase

  • Control phase

Course 2: Statistical Quality Control.

  • Fundamentals of Statistics

  • Fundamentals of Probability

  • Statistical Inference

  • Control charts for Variables

  • Control charts for Attributes

  • Lot-by-Lot Acceptance Sampling

  • Mail Standards

Course 3: Planning for Top Quality

  • Establish project

  • Identify customers

  • Define customer needs

  • Develop product

  • Develop process

  • Establish process controls

Course 4: Standards for Quality and Environmental Management Systems & “Malcolm Baldrige” Award

  • Standards for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001.

  • Standards for Environmental Management Systems ISO14001.

  • The “Malcolm Baldrige” award standards.

Course 5: Managing the Quality Functions

  • Basic Quality Concepts

  • Company-wide quality assessment

  • Process Management

  • Strategic Quality Management

  • Organization for Quality

  • Developing Quality culture

  • Supply chain management

  • Operations – Manufacturing Sector

  • Operations – Service Sector

  • Inspection, Test, and Measurement

  • Marketing, Filed Performance, and Customer Service

  • Quality Information Systems

Course 6: Project Management

  • Overview

  • Project Initiation

  • Project Planning

  • Project Execution

  • Project Closure

  • Computational Techniques for Project Mangers (PERT)


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