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Total Quality Management & World Class Excellence Organization

With the ever-increasing numbers of organizations pursuing quality management, new applications and insights emerge frequently. This course aims at providing participants with the latest knowledge regarding Quality Management, along with practical implementation tips. During this course; participants will have the opportunity to participate in a number of short activities through which they can explore the ideas, tools, and processes of total quality management.


  • Program Objectives:

  • Awareness of Total Quality Management

  • Understand their quality roles and the impact of their functions on quality.

  • Understand Excellence Models& Awards.

  • Criteria for Excellence Organization

  • Understand the Total Quality Management processes.

  • Understand Quality Theories.

  • Understand the basic quality improvement tools.

  • Understand Process Control & develop suitable KPI’s

  • Understand the effects of variation on processes and be able to use that understanding to make sound decisions.

  • Understand difference between (Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, Theory of Constrain)

  • Define Process Risks & develop Mitigation Plan




  • Course Descriptions

    • Quality Management & World Class Excellence Organization Overview:

    • Excellence Models

    • Operational Excellence;

      • Six Sigma

      • Lean Enterprise/Kaizen

      • Business Process Reengineering

      • Theory of Constrains

    • Quality definitions

    • Customers & Customer satisfaction

    • Quality Costs

    • Cost of Poor Quality “COPQ”

    • Quality Processes:

      • Quality Improvement

      • Quality Planning

      • Quality Control

    • Quality Foundations

    • Change Management 

    • Quality Theories

    • Kaizen & 7 Basic Quality Tools 

    • Value

    • 7 type of wastes

    • PDCA Cycle

    • Projects & Teams.

    • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - FMEA

    • SIPOC Diagram

    • Process Flowchart

    • Data Collection tools

    • Kpis’s

    • Control Plans

    • Case Study

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