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Building the Lean Supply Chain Problem Solver Training Course

Course Overview

To become a Lean Supply Chain Professional, you need to first become a Lean thinker and Lean problem solver. That is the core purpose of this course. Participants will be introduced to Lean thinking and critical Lean concepts. In addition, Participants with become proficient problem solvers through gained skills of waste identification and use of fundamental problem solving tools to eliminate waste at the root cause.

This first module is a pivot point in the educational process and where current mental models and business paradigms will be challenged. Participants will learn and train to see operations from a new vantage point. Upon arrival back to the workplace, Participants will be able to "talk" the talk of Lean and also have a keen eye for operational waste. However, the real test of this course is when the student can "walk" the Lean walk and solve business problems at the root cause, completely eliminating the problem for the organization.


Who Should Attend?

Supply chain professionals, logistics professionals, material managers, production control managers, transportation managers, warehousing managers and purchasing managers.


Course Objectives:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Reduce inventory levels.

  • Reduce logistics costs.

  • Reduce space requirements.

  • Reduce lead time.

  • Increase fill rates.

  • Improve supplier performance and accountability.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships.

  • Reduce overall organizational and operational waste.



  • Lean thinking

  • Lean problem solving

  • Inventory

  • Logistics

  • Space requirements

  • Lead time


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