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Visual Problem Solving Training Course

Course Overview

Every problem can be better illuminated by describing it with a picture. Gain an introduction to a number of techniques and visual problem solving frameworks that aid in creating visual descriptions of a problem. These techniques are particularly useful in the early stage of problem solving, in helping understand just what the problem is. In addition, this class will discuss how to get data to tell a visual story and aid in creating charts and graphics that accurately reflect your data so that the reader just “gets it.”


Who Should Attend?

Participants who have taken Principles of Problem Solving and want to expand on the visual problem solving methods to become a more creative problem solver. Note: No preexisting artistic ability is required. If you can draw stick figures, boxes and arrows, you have all the skills to be a good visual problem solver


Course Objectives:

  • Gain an additional set of tools and techniques to help in the problem formulation and solution generation stages of problem solving.

  • Discuss and practice visual problem solving methods intended to help visually decompose and capture the various important aspects of any problem.



  • Introduction to visual problem solving

  • Overview of several visual problem solving frameworks and tools

  • Exercises and case studies applying the visual problem solving tools and methods

  • Overview of the fundamentals of the display of complex data

  • Overview of several open-source software tools to aid In visual problem solving and data display

  • Exercises and case studies creating intuitive graphics of complex data


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