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Increase Revenue with Six Sigma

With Six Sigma, you would be able to transform and enable an organization to increase revenue by identifying and eliminating errors that would otherwise have brought poor customer satisfaction and losses to the business.


A poka-yoke is a Japanese term that means mistake proofing Poka-yoke is any mechanism in a lean manufacturing process that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka).


"SIPOC" is one of the key Lean Six Sigma tools. It's a quick way to document a business process and ultimately be able to resolve a business issue.

Excellence Center

Excellence Center would like to thank British Embassy in Cairo facilitating our partnership agreement with Edinburgh Collage to provide professional & academic certificates. Thank you.


5S is a Japanese term that stands for Seiri(Sort), Seiton(Set in order), Seiso(Shine), Seiketsu(Standardize), and Shitsuke(Sustain). When a 5S program is implemented correctly, a safe, lean and clean workstation is the result. It is easy to spot missing tools, empty flow racks, safety hazards and overproduction. Workflow is simplified and nonconformity are easily identified. You’ll also have the satisfaction of working in an environment that you’ve taken ownership of thoroughly cleaned, organized, optimized and maintained.

QA vs QI

QA vs QI Quality Assurance (QA) ; involves ensuring that performance meets requirements / standards rather than continually improving performance beyond requirements / standards. Ex. Reducing defect rate to specific level. Quality Improvement (QI) ; involves not being satisfied with meeting specific goal but rather having the organization making continually progress towards 100% compliance. Ex. Reducing the same defect rate with a systematic continuous effort until reach 0%.

SEVEN Basic Quality Tools

Use any of them or all can help you anyway; they're the SEVEN Basic Quality Tools for Process Improvement.

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