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Effectively influence senior management to change, the most difficult situation to deal with.

Although influencing implementation has a road map but it is always depends on the situation and organizational culture Understanding the organizational culture is always the key to lead implementation to success.

As the GM resist excellence model implementation. It was a very complicated situation to deal with. But the plan was obviously clear to me, I should engage him and the road map was as following;

The CEO shown his commitment for the implementation

Convince company GM with the benefit of the implementation by:

Showing him current performance gaps exist & highlight company & customers performance issues

Give him a space of time to handle this performance gaps

Because the company lack of capabilities to resolve this gaps he failed to handle this issues

At that point he has been convinced that he might need a different approach to resolve this issues & he need a help.

So it was my turn to enable his company with sufficient skills & tools to lead a successful implementation at his company.

Others implementation challenges is people resistance. To overcome this kind of challenges I usually do the following:

Engage everyone in during implementation

Secure management commitment or make it seems as they are committed.

Stablish a strong objective based reward & recognition system

Periodical audits

Always communicate the implementations objectives & benefits

Sharing success with everyone

Present implementation benefits to everyone

Some other times management have doubts for the implementation results therefore I start creating a success story first at certain area(usually, area of attention), I present results to top management seeking their commitment to full implementation , and it works most of the time.

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