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How to lead a successful Lean six sigma - LSS implementation project?

Initiation where we develop a project charter agreeing with project stakeholder on the project scope & objectives, then we start to identify team required to the implementation for this project team shall agree on their mission ask for resources need as well as I evaluate required resources for the team, them start agree on the project charter providing time schedule for the project implementation. A team leader shall be assigned for the project usually I choose or recommend or team nominate someone.

Execution where the team starts accomplish the project milestone it’s very important phase in follow up and capture earlier trends for the project implementation directions. Its important that the implementation is done phase by phase jumping in implementation always causes confusion and misleading to project goals.

Following up goals and objectives after each phase is the assurance of delivery of phase objectives. Periodical meeting & reporting is communication way in order to show if there are any difficulties or unplanned resources needed during implementation.

Right closure for the project represents the success of the project, proven of deliverables, calculating cost saving reward & recognizing team for their achievements. Celebration, communication for the project results and record project roadmap as lesson learned and keep it for knowledge management history.

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