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How to influence change various levels of the organization?

I have been responsible for influencing changes & Adopt performance improvement techniques, setting up strategic performance improvement goals and measures, monitoring customer satisfaction and identify customers recover strategy & customer critical to quality features.

I am preferring to use Hoshin planning as a strategic planning & implementation tool in order to cascade organizational strategic objectives into action plan at a lower levels.

Managing subordinates change agents effectively to achieve desired results.

A state of self-control grantee that each one of the change agents knows what is required as a SMART objective and capable to achieve this objectives.

I am working with management to secure enough resources & skills for subordinates “change agents “in order to enable them to achieve their goals. Together we define scope of work.

I ask them for an action plan, where we discuss it together we agree on it & agree on implementation progress monitoring KPI’s. At his point change agents are being ready to implement action plan where we have a periodical meeting to review progress KPI’s and discuss challenges & roadblocks. Back to management with a periodical progress KPI’s Report & obstacles for implementation and alternatives solutions to resolve this obstacles.

Updating master implementation action plan.

continuity monitoring performance to make sure that the plan is within its time frame and shall achieve its desired output.

During the whole process people resistance is being identified and I develop a counter action plan for people buy-in and overcome people resistance.

Motivation is a key to overcome people resistance, engagement, adopting a suitable reward & recognition system based on implementation KPI’s is a golden key to influence implementation in different organizational levels.

Management commitment is a prime key for successful implementation for the excellence model and culture shift.


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